Our Story


Our mission of inclusivity first began within our own family.

Whether it’s bringing back the midnight treat or hosting a worry-free birthday celebration, we will always have the right product with the best ingredients and most flavorful recipes that everyone will love.


We set out to create uncommonly delicious foods to be enjoyed...together.

We have digestive sensitivities that were holding us back from enjoying many moments in life. Especially moments that were about celebrations – little accomplishments to major events, family and friend gatherings, even things like not getting to indulge in that Friday box of office treats! So, we began to make delicious baked goods for the loved ones in our lives with a fierce focus on only using safe, natural and high-quality ingredients.

What started with a finger-licking and mouth-watering gluten free cupcake, has now turned into our company’s mission: a warm welcome to those with digestive sensitivities to truly savor delicious foods anytime and to feel included, connected, and able to experience the joys of the sweetest moments in life.




Delicious muffins, cupcakes, cakes and cookies made with natural ingredients weren’t always easy to find. What started as a way for mom Antonina (Tonya), to provide her kids with treats she could trust, turned into a thriving business. The recipe uses plenty of cinnamon and ginger and unsweetened crushed pineapple to create a moist flavorful cake that is topped with an old-fashioned cream cheese frosting. The response was so favorable to her carrot cupcake, Antonina’s opened dedicated, certified gluten-free bakery facilities to create additional treats.

Relationships are important to us and we highly value the feeling of being included. It is reflected in everything we do. From how we work and bake together to our relationships with our ingredient partners, making sure that we are delivering only the very best to offer those with digestive problems. We are proud of our commitment to the way we do things. We have spent years refining the art of making scrumptious and perfectly moist gluten-free products. And we’ve done this by never cutting corners or compromising our commitment to quality in all that we do. Your full satisfaction and happiness is our priority.



Our Mission

Dedicated to our customers, we at Antonina’s Artisan Bakery believe the most important value is inclusivity. Our diverse and growing family is committed to bringing delicious, moist, and consistent treats to everyone. With a pledge of care, use of natural, local ingredients, and devotion to select needs, we strive to include our customers into Antonina’s story; a story of crafting uncommonly delicious foods to be enjoyed together.

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